Zero waste reflection
Kitchen by The Artisan

@ Zollfrei ZeroWaste Ladencafé 
by Foifi
Freilagerstrasse 71
8047 Zürich 
Parking on Flurstrasse

Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday
6pm – 11pm
24. November – 19 December
4. January – 20. February



+41 78 862 22 19 (2pm – 6pm)
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Zero waste kitchen

A celebration of great food, nutrition and bio-diversity. Look forward to thoughtfully sourced organic produce from ethical growers that practice regenerative agriculture methods and encourage healthy soil. Embracing a respectful, seasonal, regional approach we’ll avoid industrial processing and long distances while generating minimal waste and maximal flavour. 

Natural produce for healthier people and a healthier planet delivered to us without plastic or non – reusable packaging. We’ll combine ancient methods and innovative solutions to replace disposable products and any organic waste will be digested by The Artisan’s aerobic composter. This impressive machine uses microbes to help process all types of biodegradable materials within 24 hours into nutritious compost that is used in The Artisans own urban garden and the neighbourhood community garden. Any excess will be returned to our producers to continue the cycle of nature.

Zero waste challenge

A thought provoking challenge by The Artisan- Kitchen & Urban Garden and Foifi Zero Waste Ladencafé. We bring «Zero Waste» to the table for discussion, demonstrating that sustainability can be practiced without sacrifice of delicious, quality foods and lifestyle. 

Whilst reflecting on our own actions we acknowledged the potential for improvement regarding waste reduction and sustainability within our business and the hospitality industry.

Rather than promote perfection we offer transparency, addressing challenges openly for discussion to inspire new ways of thinking and systems for working. Through reflection we aim for progress and improvement while demonstrating respect for the environment and the way we produce our food.

Perfection is not the answer. Nature is.

What is regenerative agriculture?

“Regenerative Agriculture” describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, can reverse climate change by rebuilding soil, organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle. Permaculture and biodynamics are some good examples of regenerative agriculture.

A big difference between intensive and regenerative agriculture is in how farmers view their farm: instead of it being a factory that they put things like fertiliser into and then take out crops, meat or dairy, it’s about seeing the whole thing – soil, water, plants and animals – as an ecosystem that help each other provide the right conditions to thrive naturally.

At the start of our project we quickly realised we could easily source all our ingredients from donated food waste caused by a overproduction, customer preferences and a faulty system. As this only helps an inadequate system we decided to focus and support local, future thinking producers that are pathing new paths for a more sustainable future. 

We’re happy to support SlowGrow, Gut Rheinau and Bio-Birchhof Permakultur  and raise awareness for the amazing work they do. More  are planned to follow as we expand our network.


Join us down the rabbit hole of Zero waste. We’d love to work with enthusiastic, like-minded people who aspire to a more sustainable future. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have an innovative idea, product, solution or thought that could inspire us.